The twenty fourth issue of The Fifty Flip Experiment was written in in a dorm room in Limerick. Here, chosen at random, are two of the other ideas, which I did not write scripts for: "56) Pebble smoothie prank drives millenials around the bend, frothing at the mouth, crushing their own head with bricks, dentures still screaming through the mash" and "18) Codaphone: An encrypted kind of phone for sensitive business transactions is put on hold when a ream of paper collapses onto the chest of the primary engineer. His work-mates are horrified and rush to help him. They push the ream off and are about to administer 'CPR' when one of the keener work-mates hears a stifled giggle. He looks up to the rafters of the phone research office and only catches a glimpse of cartoon feet scurrying a way. He looks back down at the phone researcher and his coworker who is doing CPR too much: It's hopeless now. The phone researcher beckons his one coworker to come in close: He has only one last message he wants to relate before his sad expiration: He puts his gummy lips up to his coworker's ear: "Protect the plans of my new kind of phone" he rasps and like that he is gone."